We have a simple and straight forward privacy policy. The short version is we only keep enough information to provide outstanding service to our customers and have multiple levels of security to ensure the limited information we do have stays secure.


We could have setup a fancier payment system so that we could accept credit cards directly on our website but found some computer hacking attacks have been successful BETWEEN a company’s site and the credit card processor.  So we made a conscious decision to let Paypal handle all of the payment information for maximum security.  The only information we request from Paypal is what’s required for us to fulfill orders – Name, Address, Email Address, and Phone Number.  We will never sell our customer’s information…PERIOD!


Even though we keep limited information about our customers, security is still a top priority. Administrator access to the website is tightly controlled and we use several security utilities to block remote attacks, limit failed login attempts, and ensure only our administrators have access to the website data.