1. Stereo Integrity's BM mkIV...

If you want to see where shallow subwoofers are heading in the future, just look at where the SI BM mkIV is today. At only 3.4" of mounting depth, 50 % more linear excursion than the TW5, a miniscule 0.5 ft^3 enclosure requirement, and 450 watts of power handling, the BM mkIV has a big subwoofer attitude in a shallow package.

SI HT Subwoofers.

Stereo Integrity's Home Theater subwoofers are designed to offer exceptional sound quality and low frequency extension. The HT series of woofers are handsomely equipped with all of the features that you're looking for. The attention to detail in their design extends to the exotic CZA spiral cut voice coil former material used to reduce eddy currents along with the 8" Nomex spider with sewn-on leads. To help keep the voice coil stay cool there is a custom tooled vented spacer ring sandwiched between the basket and the motor to allow cool air to be sucked in around the outside of the coil winding's. Other elements (listed to the right) are class leading 22.5mm of Xmax and 43mm of Xmech ensuring plenty of both linear, and peak, travel for those deep bass requirements. You can't get this much linear displacement for the dollar anywhere else.

Stereo Integrity HT 18" Subwoofer

18" D2
Re: 3.5 Ohms
Fs: 17 Hz
Qes: 0.41
Qms: 5.8
Qts: 0.38
Le: 3.2 mH
Sd: 117841 mm^2
Vas: 411.9 l
BL: 19.7
Mms: 416 g
Cms: 208.8
Sensitivity (1W/1m): 88.7 dB
Xmax: 22.5mm

Recommended enclosures: 18"
Sealed = 4 ft^3
Ported = 5-6 ft^3 tuned to 20 Hz
Cutout: 16.7"
OD: 18.5"
Mounting depth: 9.5"
Mounting flange to top of surround: 1.5"
Displacement: 0.25 ft^3

Stereo Integrity HT 15" Subwoofer
15" D2
Re: 3.7 Ohms
Fs: 18.5 Hz
Qes: 0.37
Qms: 6.3
Qts: 0.35
Le: 3.5 mH
Sd: 80445 mm^2
Vas: 220 l
BL: 18.9
Mms: 309 g
Cms: 239
Sensitivity (1W/1M): 87.4 dB
Xmax: 22.5mm

Recommended enclosures: 15"
Sealed = 3 ft^3
Ported = 5 ft^3 tuned to 22 Hz
Cutout: 14.0"
OD: 15.5"
Mounting depth: 8"
Mounting flange to top of surround: 1.5"
Displacement: 0.19 ft^3


Dimensional drawings for our 15" and 18" HT subwoofers are available by clicking on these links:

18" HT subwoofer with gasket
18" HT subwoofer without gasket
15" HT subwoofer with gasket
15" HT subwoofer without gasket

Additional test data on the 18" D2 can be found on Data-bass's web page by clicking this text.

Stereo Integrity HT Subwoofers

  • 15" or 18" subwoofer
  • 22.5mm Xmax (one-way linear)
  • 43mm Xmech (one-way)
  • 8" diameter Nomex spider
  • Sewn on leads
  • Large speaker terminals
  • Cast basket
  • 2.5" diameter voice coil
  • Spiral cut CZA alloy former
  • Dual 4 Ohm or Dual 2 Ohm
  • 600 watts RMS power handling
  • High roll rubber surround
  • Inner magnet diameter shorting ring
  • Blank dust cap