Stereo Integrity was started in the year 2000 by Nick Lemons with one goal in mind; to create a subwoofer that provided deep, tight bass for the car audio market out of a sealed enclosure. The first subwoofer produced by Stereo Integrity, called the Mag D2, rolled out to customers in 2002. The Mag D2 quickly became the go-to subwoofer if you wanted a versatile subwoofer that still sounded good and would handle over 1000 watts RMS. The Mag later went through four design changes / improvements before the design was retired. In between the v2 and v3 Mag, the BM series was born. The original BM series was designed for shallower mounting depth and lower power handling than its big-brother. The woofer was called the BM mkIII and has the highest stroke, flattest BL, most linear and low inductance, shallow subwoofer on the market. We have recently added our 15″ and 18″ HT edition subwoofers tailored specifically towards the home theater enthusiast who seeks great sound quality and an un-compromised displacement-per-dollar champion.