1. Stereo Integrity's BM mkIV...

If you want to see where shallow subwoofers are heading in the future, just look at where the SI BM mkIV is today. At only 3.4" of mounting depth, 50 % more linear excursion than the TW5, a miniscule 0.5 ft^3 enclosure requirement, and 450 watts of power handling, the BM mkIV has a big subwoofer attitude in a shallow package.

Introducing the all-new SI HT subwoofers

Displacement per dollar there is nothing better than our new Home Theater series of subwoofers. With 20mm of Xmax, 3.5" of peak-to-peak excursion, competitive sealed and ported enclosure sizes, and a host of other goodies, the SI HT line has a big subwoofer attitude for an affordable price. The HT series is equipped with highlights that are not found in any other woofer in its price class. Such items include a spiral-cut CZA voice coil former material, two aluminum shorting rings, and a nomex spider. Click on the HT Subwoofers link above to see more about information on the HT series.

Welcome to Stereo Integrity

about us image Here at SI, we have dedicated the past 11 years to developing our products, the HT series, HS series, and shallow BM series.


"Listening to rock it provides the low end without being noticeable and keeps the sound up front really well. I even turned the sub off on occasion just to realize how big a part of the music it was actually playing, because honestly it sounded like my midbasses were doing the work. On rap/pop it has a good amount of output but still stays up front for the most part."

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